jOrgan/sf2 versions

For jOrgan users or those who play virtual pipe organs that utilize soundfonts (sf2) it's possible to download the following samplesets as jOrgan packages. If you're just interested in the soundfont it's available in the package as normal .sf2 file(s). Conversion of the Bureå Church sampleset has been done by Graham Goode and the Bureå Funeral Chapel, Bureå Choir organ and Piteå School of Music sets were converted by Paul Stratman. All of the jOrgan dispositions are now maintained by Paul Stratman.

If you're interested in jOrgan dispositions and organ soundfonts I highly recommend you to browse through Stratmans site on as it contains lots of interesting stuff.

  Sampleset Download link Approximate download size
jOrgan packages / sf2 soundfonts
Bureå Funeral Chapel 3.83 MB
Bureå Church 60 or 84 MB
Kalvträsk Church 21 MB
Piteå School of Music 45 MB