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I've decided to share a few ODF files I've made for some samplesets created by Sonus Paradisi, originally for another sample player software, but with these .organ files the samplesets can very effectively be used with the free GrandOrgue VPO software. If it's a full version do note that you must actually buy the sampleset first from SP in order to be able to use it. If it's a demo then you can use it with the demo version that they offer as a free download. In all cases you must decompress the .rar archive you downloaded from SP, and the .organ file you download here should be placed just outside the OrganInstallationPackages folder, usually then just inside the sampleset outer folder.

StCarloBrescia.organ.7z (full version updated 2014-03-25)
StMichelDemo.organ.7z (demo version updated 2014-03-25)
Kdousov.organ.7z (shareware version updated 2014-03-25, use with GO
StMaximinDemo.organ.7z (demo version front rank only updated 2014-03-25, use with GO
StMaximinSurroundDemo.organ.7z (demo version surround updated 2014-03-25, use with GO
Caen_Demo_v.2.5.organ.7z (demo version updated 2014-04-01, use with GO

I also host the Barton sampleset according to agreement with the original creator, Graham Goode. I've also made some updates to take advantage of recent GrandOrgue development. As always use the latest version of GrandOrgue as is possible! This version take advantage of the fact that GO can use WavPacked samples to reduce size on disc. Just unzip and load it as usual.

Barton 3/7.Beta3.14.zip 372.9 MB

0c7652db74fd8aa5e82a859a20f32e2a  Barton3-7.Beta3.14.zip