Example recordings of my samplesets

Below you can find a few recordings I've made to illustrate the sound from the new release candidate version of Bureå Funeral Chapel sampleset. Eventually I'll expand the collection to give sample recordings from every set.

The recordings were made through GrandOrgue (0.2 on Linux) and JConvolver (impulse reverb) into Ardour, exported as a wav and later converted to MP3 in Audacity.

You can of course also right click on the files and download them if you want to play them from your computer locally, especially useful if your internet connection is slow.

Recordings from Bureå Funeral Chapel sampleset
Music piece Size Registrations
Vi vandrande själar (Finnish folk melody)  5 MB (original, Salicional, Voix Celeste, Subbas 16, Man/P)
Part of Allegro from Sonate F major C.P.E. Bach 2.4 MB (original, Gedackt, Rörflöjt, Principal)
Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier J.S. Bach 4 MB (extended, Salicional, Subbas 16, Ped Gedackt 8, Tremulant